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How to create a strong password

The challenge is to create a password that you can remember, but is hard for anyone else to guess.

When you create a new password, make sure it:

  • Is at least eight characters in length - the longer the better Includes upper and lower case letters, numerals and symbols
  • Has at least one symbol character between the second and sixth position
  • Has at least four different characters in your password (no repeats)
  • Looks like a sequence of random letters and numbers

Make sure you:

  • Don't use any part of your logon name for your password
  • Don't use any actual word or name in any language
  • Don't use numbers in place of similar letters
  • Don't re-use any portion of your old password
  • Don't use consecutive letters or numbers like "abcdefg" or "234567"
  • Don't use adjacent keys on your keyboard like "qwerty" (British keyboard)

For more information read the Microsoft article at

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