Access Manager

Backing up your passwords

The information stored in Access Manager is potentially very private and valuable. If this information became lost, stolen or damaged, it could cause a great deal of inconvenience or even have catastrophic consequences.

One way to safeguard against this is to make backup copies of your password database. This database file is called 'AccessManager.xdb' and is usually located in the folder where Access Manager was installed.

Use Access Manager's own built-in backup software or your preferred backup software to copy the database file to a removable disk. If possible make more than 1 copy using different disks and store the disks in separate locations away from your computer.

Each copy of the password database is as safe as the original; it cannot be opened without Access Manager and your Master Password.

It is often a good idea to regularly print a 'Detailed List' of your passwords for storage in a safe or bank vault.

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