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Free support is available for Access Manager.

We have just recently launched the new Forum after we had to shut the last one down due to spamming abuse. You can get to it on

For instant answers to questions, try the following resources:

  • Read the 'How Do I...' section of this Help Documentation
  • Read the 'FAQs' section of this Help Documentation

To report a software error visit the 'contact us' page and fill in the form with as many details as possible. If possible, the error will be fixed and included in the next update of Access Manager.

For issues that cannot be resolved by reading this Help Documentation send an e-mail to:

Important: Always include the full Access Manager version number in e-mails. To find this information, click 'About' on the Help menu. To receive priority support, include your Product Key. This can be found on the 'Register' window on the Tools menu. Access Manager Professional Edition users receive free priority e-mail support.

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