Access Manager

Taskbar icon

Taskbar icon

Show icon on taskbar - Shows or hide the Access Manager icon in the Notification Area on the right side of the taskbar.

Require password when restoring from taskbar icon - If this option is selected, Access Manager will ask for the Master Password when being restored from the Taskbar icon.

Minimise to taskbar icon when closing - Allows Access Manager to minimise to the Taskbar icon when the Close button is clicked.

Automatically minimise to taskbar icon - If the Access Manager window is inactive for a number of minutes, it will automatically minimise to the Taskbar icon. You may enter a number of minutes of inactivity ranging from 1 to 99. Optionally, the Windows Clipboard can be cleared at the same time.

OK - Click OK when you want to save any changes and close the window.

Cancel - Will close the window without saving any changes.

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