Access Manager



Make usernames visible - Show or hide the username on the main window.

Make passwords visible - Show or hide the password on the main window.

Make passphrases visible - Show or hide the passphrase on the main window.

Show password tooltips - When the mouse pointer is held over a username, password or passphrase, the information is displayed in a tooltip.

Clear windows clipboard when closing - Any information that is stored in the Windows Clipboard from Access Manager, or any other software, will be deleted when Access Manager is closed.

Minimise when copying a username or password - When a username, password or passphrase is copied by clicking a Copy button or by selecting a Copy option on the Edit menu, the Access Manager window will automatically minimise.

Allow multiple copies of Access Manager to be opened - Will allow Access Manager to be opened more than once.

Show all usernames when logging on* - Displays a list of all usernames in a drop- down list on the logon window.

OK - Click OK when you want to save any changes and close the window.

Cancel - Will close the window without saving any changes.

Options with the * are available in the Access Manager Professional Edition.

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