Access Manager



Menu and Toolbar Style - Selects one of a number of styles for menus and toolbars.

Heading Colour - Sets the colour of the heading bars on the details panel of the main window. Select 'Automatic' to use the heading colour of the current Windows theme (Windows XP only).

Data Display Font - Allows you to set the font and colours for all password information that is displayed in Access Manager.

Date Format - Sets the format of all dates that are displayed in Access Manager. You can use any combination of the special characters to set your own format or you can select one from the drop-down list. For example: 'MM/dd/yy' would display as '12/25/04' and 'MMM dd/yyyy - ddd' would display as 'Dec 25/2004 - Sat'.

Notes Highlight Colour - Sets the background colour for the notes on the main window and the password window.

OK - Click OK when you want to save any changes and close the window.

Cancel - Will close the window without saving any changes.

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