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Use the Password Selector

Use the Password Selector

The Password Selector is designed to help you easily logon to high security web sites that require different letters or numbers from your password.

For example, when logging in to an Internet banking service, you may be asked to enter the 3rd, 5th and 7th characters of your password or passcode. The next time that you login to the same service you might be asked for the 2nd, 3rd and 6th characters. Although this technique improves security, it can be time consuming and it is easy to make mistakes.

The Password Selector displays the position number of each character in your password. You can copy or drag individual password characters to Internet Explorer (and other software), or you can select individual characters and drag them all at once from the 'Selection' area.

Make password visible - Hides or shows the password or passphrase characters to stop a casual viewer from reading them on your screen.

Keep window on top - Will keep the window always in view, even if you are working with other software.

Show Password - Displays the password. Show Passphrase - Displays the passphrase.

All - Selects all the password characters.

None- De-selects all the password characters.

Hide - Shows or hides the main Access Manager window.

This feature is available in the Access Manager Professional Edition.

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