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Use the On-screen Keyboard

Use the On-screen Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard is designed to combat keylogging software.

A keylogger is a hidden software program that secretly records your keystrokes and sends them to a person, web site or e-mail address. Private information that is gathered in this way could be used for criminal purposes such as identity theft.

Access Manager provides an on-screen keyboard to bypass your actual keyboard when entering passwords and other private information.

You can open this window by clicking on the On-screen Keyboard icon, or by selecting 'On-screen Keyboard' from the Tools menu. The icon appears wherever you might need to enter password information. For example: the Logon window and the Master Password window.

The entered characters can be dragged and dropped on to any software program that supports Windows Drag & Drop.

Characters visible - Shows or hides the characters that have been entered.

Keep window on top - Will keep the window always in view, even if you are working with other software.

Copy - Copies the entered characters to the Windows Clipboard.

Clear - Clears the entered characters and the Windows Clipboard.

Hide - Shows or hides the main Access Manager window.

OK - Closes the window and copies the entered characters into the selected Access Manager text box.

Cancel - Closes the window and cancels the task.

This feature is available in the Access Manager Professional Edition.

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