Access Manager

Encrypt and decrypt a File

File encryption alters the contents of a file to specially encoded data. This ensures that if the file is read by a software program or an inquisitive person, it will contain meaningless data.

To encrypt any file on your computer or network select 'Encrypt a File' from the File menu. Encrypted files have '.enc' added to the end of their file name.

Important Note: Once a file is encrypted, it can only be decrypted by the Access Manager user who encrypted it.

To decrypt a file select 'Decrypt a File' from the File menu.

To encrypt or decrypt a Document file in the Password window, select 'Encrypt/Decrypt File' from the Options menu. When the Document file is encrypted a small padlock icon is displayed next to 'Document'. If Document contains a folder or web site address, it cannot be encrypted.

Important Note: Give careful consideration when deciding to encrypt files. When a user is removed from Access Manager, you will NOT be able to decrypt any files that they have encrypted.

This feature is available in the Access Manager Professional Edition.

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