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Create and use password Types

Create and use password Types

Password 'Types' allow you to categorise your passwords into groups of different types. For example, you might have a number of passwords that are used to login to web sites. You might have other passwords that are for telephone banking.

When Access Manager is first installed it already has a number of pre-defined Types:

When you create a new password or view an existing one you can set its 'Type' to one of the pre-defined Types. To add or remove Types from this list, select 'Password Types' from the Tools menu. You must be logged in to Access Manager as the 'Administrator' to be able to use this option.

Once your Types are set-up and in use, you can quickly view all passwords of a particular Type. For example: to view all your 'Web site logon' passwords, select Filter from the View menu and then select 'Web site logon'. The main list of passwords will now display only items that are 'Web site logon' types.

Alternatively you can click the down arrow graphic at the top of the password list to open a shortcut to the Filter menu. When a filter is in use, the down arrow is highlighted.

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