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  • Main window

    Main window

    The Access Manager main window shows all the key information that is needed when working with passwords.

  • Password Window

    Password Window

    The Password window is displayed when a password is selected and opened from the main window.  It shows all of the detailed password information.

  • Options & Preferences

    Options & Preferences

    Access Manager has many options and settings that allow you control the way the software looks and operates.

  • Password Properties

    Password Properties

    Password Properties shows the creation, updating, accessing and ownership information of each password.

  • Master Password

    Master Password

    The Master Password is the key to Access Manager

  • Backup


    Backup enhances the security of your personal information by making backup copies of the Access Manager password database.

  • On-Screen Keyboard

    On-Screen Keyboard

    The on-screen keyboard is designed to combat keylogging software.

  • Multi-User Access

    Multi-User Access

    Access Manager lets multiple users share a password database either on a single computer or on a network.

  • Authentication


    Challenge & response system, often required for high security sites

  • Password Selector

    Password Selector

    The Password Selector is designed to help you easily logon to high security web sites that require different letters or numbers from your password.

  • Portable Passwords

    Portable Passwords

    Access Manager can be installed on any form of portable media

  • Import


    Import allows you to add passwords to Access Manager that are in a plain text file.

  • Export


    Export allows you to save your passwords to an external plain text file.

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