Key Features
Access Manager is available as a Free Edition and a Professional Edition.
The Professional Edition has all the capabilities of the Free Edition plus many additional features:

Free Edition
Professional Edition
Store and manage an unlimited number of passwords
Strong dual encryptionkeeps your passwords safe
Drag and Drop passwords to Internet Explorer and other software
Copy usernames and passwords to the Windows Clipboard
Organise passwords into 'Types' for easy management
Automatically generate strong passwords
Keep unlimited notes with each password
Notes can include clickable links to web sites and email
Find a password by entering any part of its title/description
Each passwordcan have a main link to a document, file, folder, program or web site
Password Propertiestracks creation, updating, accessing & ownership information
Individual passwordscan be private or shared
Importpasswords from CSV and XML files
Easy to use, modelled on the Microsoft Outlook®style
Extensive optionsand customising
Office® style menus and toolbars
Support for Windows® themes and styles
Customisable fonts and colours
Preview and print the full details of any password
Preview and print a summarised password list for storage in a safe or bank vault
Backupyour password database and other important files to 2 separate locations
Encrypt and Decrypt Filesprotects sensitive files from being read
Secure File Deletionprevents sensitive files from being recovered
On-screen Keyboardcombats keylogging software and helps prevent identity theft
Multi-useraccess and password sharing on a single computer or local area network
Authenticationstores a list of Challenge and Response phrases for each password
Password Selectorlets you work with individual password characters when logging on to Internet banking and other high security web sites
Install Access Manageron a USB drive or other portable media
'Extended Find' lets you search username, password, passphrase, document and notes
Preview and print a detailed password list for storage in a safe or bank vault
Preview and print password expiry reports
Preview and print password inactivity reports
Exportpasswords to CSV and XML files
User managementlets you add and remove Access Manager users
Password database management lets you open, move and compact the database, and view database properties
Free priority e-mail support
Buy the Access Manager Professional Edition for only $24.95.
®Windows, Office and Outlook are products of the Microsoft corporation.